Starting Out as a Bootstrapping Solopreneur

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My Beginning as a Bootstrapping Solopreneur

The reasons for starting a blog vary, ranging from earning money, growing businesses, seeking self-motivation, to expressing oneself. For me, it serves as a platform to showcase myself in public and be accountable for both myself and the products I build. In this space, I share insights gleaned from my experiences and lessons learned.

For me, it's a public platform to showcase myself and be accountable for my work.

Bootstrapping refers to starting and running a business using minimal (no) external resources, often relying on personal funds or the revenue generated by the business itself to sustain its growth and operations. In the context of entrepreneurship, it means building a venture without relying heavily on external investments or loans.

For me, starting a blog has taken quite some time. Personally, I enjoy reading books and writing, but exposing myself to the public required a great deal of courage. For some reasons, I now feel the desire to document and share my trial-and-error experiences.

Even if no one sees it, by recording it in a place where it can be seen, it can serve as a resolution or promise to yourself. This is due to the expectation that it will help reduce confusion in the process.

A Brief Introduction to Who I Am

These days, I'm recognized as a software engineer, although I'm essentially an office worker, a salaryman. It seems like everyone gets labeled as a software engineer nowadays, but I've come to realize that I am a paid worker specialized in developing software.

Nevertheless, I've been deeply involved in the startup world as a software engineer for quite a while. I've ventured into different areas like frontend, backend, mobile app development, AI engineering, DevOps, and even taken on managerial roles, albeit reluctantly. I've also participated in numerous hiring interviews, meeting many enthusiastic developers.

Through multiple job changes, I've experienced the probationary phase as an outsider. This journey has given me a more objective perspective on society, workplaces, and people. Simultaneously, I've delved deeper into self-reflection.

What do I want to do? What do I want to be?

Finding Freedom from the 9-to-5.

In recent years, I've found myself pondering:

  • How long can I continue working as a developer?

  • If I were in a decision-making role (CEO or similar), would I make these same business decisions?

  • I sense that my contributions to the company go beyond my monthly salary.

  • Engaging in work I initiate is far more satisfying than tasks assigned from above.

  • I desire a comfortable work environment, even if it means collaborating with people of my choosing.

  • How can I increase my earnings beyond my current salary?

  • Perhaps I could thrive better by starting my own venture.

Most people think there are risks

When I asked those around me if they've ever had similar thoughts,

most either haven't

or, if they have, thought this path was too challenging,

not really fitting with their own journey,

or saw it as too risky.

Upon reflecting on it, I also concurred...

What if I were to quit my job right now?...Oh, I don't have the confidence to consistently earn the same amount as my monthly income.

No doubt, there's a big risk! - with my loans, savings, credit card debt, and ...

There might be ways to lessen risks

But I thought surely, there's a way to lessen that risk!

So, for a few years, I've been contemplating how to gracefully exit my current job with minimal risk, and I've been taking small steps toward that goal.

Up until now, most of my various attempts have been failures. However, there have been several lessons learned, and I am currently putting into practice things I've recently discovered. I plan to write about these experiences in detail going forward.

So, what are you going to write about on the blog?

The topics I've been contemplating for a few years include experiments, ongoing trials, attempts, and research. I'll aim to write about these whenever I find the time.

Some ideas that come to mind for future posts include:

  • Sharing my personal experiences - indie hacking, DIYs, and more

  • Discussing side projects for developers

  • Exploring ways to generate income through freelancing

  • Delving into solo entrepreneurship

  • Reviewing development-related tools

  • Exploring the world of no-code tools

  • Brainstorming startup ideas inspired by daily life

I plan to cover these topics, or at least that's what I'm thinking right now.

What is Bootstrapping Solopreneur?

A bootstrapping solopreneur is an entrepreneur operating solo without external funding, such as VC (Venture Capital), incubators, or angel investors.

I observed the drawbacks of a VC-invested startup where I worked, and I am confident that bootstrapping will significantly reduce risks and increase margins.


It's the first post, I hope it wasn't too boring!

If you have any questions or anything to talk about, feel free to reach out.

So, I'll stop here for today :)

Thank you!